︎︎︎ Prato Textile District for COVISIONI: / LUZ Photo Agency

The textile district of Prato is the biggest cluster of Europe devoted to the production of wool yarns and fabrics. More than 7.000 companies are currently working in the district. The first activities in this field date back to the Middle Ages, when the wool was recycled using the waters of the river Bisenzio that flows through the city from the Apennines. In the '90s the textile production of Prato went into crisis, due to rising competition of industries based in several emerging countries. Now, the uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 pandemic might be a new setback for the economy of the district and we still do not know how many companies will survive these hard times. One thing is, though, already taken for granted: this health disaster will force all activities to adopt extraordinary and expensive measures of social distancing and occupational safety.

COVISIONI: is a collective project ran by 40 photographers coming from all the 20 Italian regions that has the aim of documenting the changes the country is facing after the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVISIONI: is becoming a book. It will be published in September 2021.