Qualcosa di Familiare
for Pane & Rose Onlus

The city of Prato hosts about 700 refugees who mostly arrived in Tuscany after a long and perilous journey through Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. They are currently hosted in housings scattered in the city (called Centri Accoglienza Straordinaria) or within the S.P.R.A.R. project for asylum seekers. From the experiences and testimonies collected over the years by Pane & Rose ONLUS, it is evident how artistic paths of various kinds can represent an extraordinary tool for promoting trauma processing as well as easing the insertion into the social fabric. In particular, Pane & Rose ONLUS started a collaboration with the photographers of SooS Chronicles collective (Filippo Bardazzi and Laura Chiaroni) starting from August 2016 in order to document the daily life condition of asylum seekers who are part of the so called "refugee emergency" project.

The method used was based right away on the active participation of the guests in all phases of the process, including the first collective discussion and the sharing of the path between photographers and photographers.

Qualcosa di familiare is the result of this collaboration: a photographic project that seeks to focus on the relationship that the migrants housed in the Prato structures created with the territory they live in. Their current life condition forces them to relate to new environments and objects and to give new meanings to the old ones, belonging to their origins.