︎︎︎ Se ne sono andati tutti Tuscany blues 

Se ne sono andati tutti is a trip through the minor landscapes of Tuscany, a region that everyone is used to knowing for its beauty and harmony. An everyday reality, rich in variety and dissonance, lies beyond this conventional and stereotyped vision, only good for careless tourists.   
So far, I've spent my whole life in Tuscany and I've always seen and felt this land as a nostalgic place of mind. Most of the time this wistful mood is triggered in my eyes by 'familiar' elements of the landscape that often don't keep up with our fast-changing age.
All elements of a transforming environment, though, may lose their original purpose but they can never be deprived of their consistence.
They always survive as suspended traces of disused destinies.
I was looking for a photography to be together intimate and direct to translate into images this view on my own world. Instant photography perfectly embodied both of these characteristics.
All images have been shot on original Polaroid peel–apart films. The film used was a Type 100 Paul Giambarba Blue Edition, expired in 2009 and now discontinued. The peculiarity of this film is the final result, whose colour tone can range from deep blue to magenta, depending on light conditions and exposure.